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Independent Long Island Domestic & Foreign Policy

The Independent Long Island (ILI) project supports the goals and ambitions of all Long Islanders residing in Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau, and Suffolk. While the project does not exclude, a priori, the desire of other boroughs of New York City such as Staten Island to join the ILI project, and the project may even welcome such a move if supported by a significant portion of residents, the primary goal of the ILI project is and will be the liberation of the boroughs and counties of Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau, and Suffolk.

While the ILI project's emphasis is in creating a viable and independent new country, and seceding from the United States, the proposal for Independent Long Island statehood — "51st state" scenario — will also be seriously considered as an alternative if it finds sufficient support with the local residents of Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau, and Suffolk. We will by no means exclude such a goal if it comes to be supported by a considerable number of local residents, even though we believe a new country of ILI would be ideal, and better suited to truly solve our numerous problems. However, regardless of what the ILI project actually achieves in the long term, a degree of independence is still required even in the "51st state" scenario, since that would still require double secession: from both New York City and New York State.

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The ILI project is also open to foreign nationals. Foreign nationals, that is, people who were not born on Independent Long Island (ILI), and/or do not reside there, can still register as potential nationals since ILI, while territorial, is also a cybernation. Right now, in fact, ILI is mainly a cybernation. ILI nationals who are foreigners and/or reside in foreign countries can also act as ILI High Commissioners or Ambassadors. Independent Long Island (ILI) does in fact have High Commissioners to Canada and India.

ILI will at least morally support now, and in the future, any peaceful Fourth World movement which proposes secession from tyrannical UberStates like the United States. ILI supports the vision that "small is beautiful", and believes that small government and small country is also more environmentally-friendly, besides being more democratic, more representative of the will of the People.

In fact, ILI will support any US state's desire for simply greater autonomy, with or without the presence of a secessionist movement, any US state's desire for more of the rights now granted only to First, Second, and Third World nations under international law. While we believe that the right to secession is still important for the elimination of tyranny, and for the continuation of our precious freedoms, ILI in fact supports any state's or nation's desire to a fairer and more rational international legal environment, one which today completely prevents many populous non-sovereign states, nations, regions, provinces, cities, and other significant geopolitical entities from exercising even the most basic soveignty rights, and prevents democracy from truly developing as it should in imperial-minded, tyrannical, and large countries still present across the globe.

ILI will not support, morally or otherwise, any traditional political candidate who does not openly support the goal of an ILI state and/or country. ILI will not support the United Nations, or any agency of the United Nations. We believe they are part of the world's problems, not part of the world's solution to the same. This, however, does not exclude ILI from its willingness to participate in other international organisations which welcome Fourth and Fifth World nations, so long such participation does not become an economic burden.


Independent Long Island (ILI) recognizes on a de facto basis any company, organization, school, university, institution, jurisdiction, dominion, nation, micronation, territory or state that is a member of the Micronational Professional Registry (MPR).

Independent Long Island (ILI) recognizes on a de jure basis any school, university, educational/scientific society, charity, professional registry, employment agency, chamber of commerce, order of knighthood, news agency, national sports association, root nameserver system or government agency that is a member of the Fifth World Accreditation Agency (5WAA).

Independent Long Island (ILI) recognizes on a de jure basis the right of any health professional that is a member of the Fifth World Health Organisation (5WHO) to practice within the jurisdition of Jamaica Square, i.e. within the dwellings or buildings that are registered in Jamaica Square, Independent Long Island.

Independent Long Island (ILI) recognizes on a de jure basis any corporation, partnership, or nation that is a member of Corporations Independent Long Island (CILI).

Independent Long Island (ILI) also welcomes direct and meaningful relations with nations or states that are members of the Commonwealth Nations Research Society (CNRS) and the International States Parliament for Safety and Peace (ISPSP).

Independent Long Island (ILI) does not support any 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. However, we do make donations to Soundkeeper as financial resources permit, since it is specifically dedicated to the protection and enhancement of the biological, physical, and chemical integrity of Long Island Sound and its watershed, and we encourage others to do the same whenever possible.