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The Independent Long Island project was officially started on August 20, 2007 with the writing of a formal press release, and has so far attracted significant media attention:

The Independent Long Island project was started for essentially four reasons:

  1. When Long Islanders wish to distinguish themselves virtually from other areas and people of the United States, they are forced to use the Principality of Liechtenstein's .LI Top-Level Domain (TLD). While this may be sensible esthetically and superficially, the .LI TLD provides no real technical advantages in search engines, since the Principality of Liechtenstein and Long Island are different entities, on different continents, of completely different natures, and they don't even share the same official language.
  2. Colloquial usage of the term "Long Island" or "the Island" refers only to the suburban Nassau and Suffolk counties, while the more urban Brooklyn and Queens are not always thought of as being part of Long Island since they are politically part of New York City, although geographically they are still part of the island.
  3. The Native American name for Long Island is Paumanok, meaning "Land of Tribute". This was due to the fact that more warlike tribes in the areas surrounding the island forced the relatively peaceful Long Islanders to give tributes and payment in order to avoid attacks. Despite the name change since the days of Columbus, however, the character of the island has still not changed, since it is still surrounded by more belligerent tribes, who still demand tribute.
  4. A geographically and politically united Long Island needed a new name to reflect its territorial integrity more closely, a new name which also meant that it was no longer the island that pays tribute, and a name which translated into a unique and independent TLD, better representing Long Islanders.
The new name that was given to the island is Independent Long Island (ILI), a name which clearly means that it no longer pays tribute, and the TLD which today represents this entity is the .ILI TLD, managed by the Cesidian Root.

Independent Long Island (ILI) today also has its own flag, and hopes to develop its own independent culture. The Hon. Most Rev. Dr. Cesidio Tallini, President and Founder of the Cesidian Root, an intercontinental Internet, is acting as Curator of ILI, since Independent Long Island is little more than a proto-state.

ILI has all the trappings of a new country. Geographic Long Island is the most populated island in the contiguous United States. It is also the 17th most populous island in the world, ahead of Ireland, Sicily and Jamaica. With a combined population of over 7.5 million, the new nation would have more people than 39 states. With a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of approximately $407 billion, ILI's GDP would be higher than that of the Republic of China (Taiwan), and only slightly lower than Austria's.

Long Islanders have always exhibited a strong independent streak, and the island would also benefit more as an independent country since it is a natural inhabited island, and thus would have all the rights associated with natural, inhabited, and independent islands under international law, that is, the right to a territorial sea, to an exclusive economic zone, and to a continental shelf.

With a territorial sea, ILI would exercise sovereignty over its territorial sea of up to 22.2 km (12 naut mi) in breadth, but foreign vessels would still be allowed "innocent passage" through those waters for purposes of peaceful navigation.

With an exclusive economic zone, ILI would have sovereign rights in a 370-km (200-naut mi) exclusive economic zone with respect to natural resources, and certain economic activities, and would also have some jurisdiction over marine science research and environmental protection. Highly migratory species of fish and marine mammals would be accorded special protection under international law, while currently the situation is that ILI is dependent on the corrupt federal government in Washington, which often does not view protection of the natural environment with the needed attention because, after all, they don't live here. All other states would still have freedom of navigation and overflight in the zone, as well as freedom to lay submarine cables and pipelines. Land-locked and other geographically disadvantaged states, would still have the opportunity to participate in exploiting part of the zone's fisheries when the coastal state could not harvest them all, so ILI could also provide certain land-locked US states and Canadian provinces with some maritime opportunities. In fact, ILI could bridge the gap between the rights of US states, and fully sovereign states, by providing US states, and even Canadian provinces, with some of the privileges and rights they currently do not enjoy.

With a continental shelf, ILI would have sovereign rights over the continental shelf — the national area of the seabed — for the purpose of exploring and exploiting it; the shelf would extend at least 370 km (200 naut mi) from shore, and 648 km (350 naut mi) or more under specified circumstances. ILI would still be able to share with the international community part of the revenue that it would derive from exploiting oil and other resources from any part of their shelf beyond 370 km (200 naut mi).
Independent Long Island (ILI)
ILI Flag ILI Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
Nickname: The Empress State εν
Motto: Ab Normis Discedere (To Deviate from the Norm)
Anthem: to be established

Capital Brooklyn (pop. 2,465,326)
Official language(s) English
Demonym Independent Long Islander or Ilier or ILI National
Curator HMRD Cesidio Tallini, Curator of Independent Long Island
Date of Foundation 20 August 2007
Area 3,567 km²
1,377 sq mi
Population 7,559,372 (2006)
Population density 2,110 /km²
5,470 /sq mi
Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
$407 billion (est.)
Registered ILI Nationals 34 (as of 26 February 2011)
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Currency Ideal currency conceived, but to be developed. Ideal currency to be developed is based on advanced knowledge discovered through the Analytic theology field.
Time zone Not available. Currently ILI observes UTC-5 and UTC-4 during the summer. ILI reserves the right to develop its own calendar standards in the future, and adopt Biel Mean Time as a time standard.
Internet TLD .ili, .island, .state (alternate root)
Calling Code NA. Currently ILI uses the ITU's +1 calling code, and area codes 718, 347, 917, 929, 516, and 631 under that code, but ILI wishes to develop its own system of telephony outside of the ITU's control.
Fifth World nation recognition
  • TTF-Bucksfan
  • United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago
  • Duchy of Bohemia
  • Imperium of DeWaCo Estates
  • Fourth World nation recognition
  • Kingdom of Pictland
  • League of Indian Nations of North America
  • Organizational Memberships
  • Micronational Professional Registry
  • Live Nations
  • Commonwealth Nations Research Society
  • Patron Saint To be established

    A new country of ILI would also be better capable of revamping certain maritime industries, and could collect certain fees which it now cannot collect. ILI could revive much of the old Brooklyn waterfront for shipping, and even for ship and yacht design and construction, thereby creating numerous new jobs for residents. It could also issue licenses to sea-worthy vessels, since freedom of navigation on the open sea is freedom only for vessels sailing under the flag of a nation-state.

    ILI also has four large airports, and a significant tourist area with the Hamptons region. As an independent country, ILI would be better able to promote its natural tourist resources, which are by no means confined to the Hamptons, and would also profit from these to a greater degree than it does now.

    The Law of Nations, and any special rights associated with the Law of Nations, applies only to independent countries, even the smallest and most insignificant countries, but not to US states, which are granted only a poor man's version of independence at best, what is even called by legal scholars "clipped sovereignty". As an new country, ILI would enjoy full sovereignty, and all the rights associated with full sovereignty under international law, not just clipped sovereignty.

    ILI now suffers from ridiculously high real estate prices and property taxes, and these in turn are driving away all our young people, that is, our very future. A great percentage of our federal, state, and city tax burden is also directed everywhere, even in Iraq and Afghanistan lately, but not to ILI. All of this has now created a spiral of ever-increasing real estate prices and taxes, which are disproportionate to the ever-dwindling employment opportunities available. This is a shame, because ILI has the population and wealth to be a self-sustaining sovereignty, which would streamline government, greatly lower taxes, and increase job opportunities in all fields of human endeavor. We need to pay more attention to the future of our beautiful island if we are to have the future our children, nephews, and grandchildren deserve.

    ILI Codes

    Code County

    ILI Airports

    KFLU (FLU)
    Flushing Airport - Flushing
    KFOK (FOK)
    Francis S. Gabreski Airport - Westhampton Beach
    KFRG (FRG)
    Republic Airport - East Farmingdale
    KHTO (HTO)
    East Hampton Airport - East Hampton
    KHWV (HWV)
    Brookhaven Airport - Shirley
    KISP (ISP)
    Long Island MacArthur Airport - Islip
    KJFK (JFK)
    John F. Kennedy International Airport (formerly Idlewild Airport) - Jamaica
    KLGA (LGA)
    LaGuardia Airport - Flushing
    KMTP (MTP)
    Montauk Airport - Montauk

    ILI Ports

    World Port Index
    MONTAUK HARBOR - Montauk Harbor
    GREENPORT - Greenport
    PORT JEFFERSON - Port Jefferson
    BROOKLYN - Brooklyn

    ILI National Symbols
    National Symbol
    National Animal
    Atlantic blue marlin (Makaira nigricans)
    National Bird
    Red-tailed hawk (Buteo jamaicensis)
    National Fish
    Black sea bass (Centropristis striata)
    National Reptile
    Italian wall lizard (Podarcis sicula)
    National Crustacean
    Blue crab (Callinectes sapidus)
    National Butterfly
    Common Buckeye (Junonia coenia)
    National Mollusc Hard clam or quahog (Mercenaria mercenaria)
    National Coral
    Lophelia pertusa
    National Tree
    Red maple (Acer rubrum)
    National Flower
    Larger blue flag or Harlequin blueflag (Iris versicolor)
    National Seaweed
    Sea lettuce (Ulva lactuca)
    National Mineral
    National Motto
    «Ab Normis Discedere» (Latin) - "To Deviate from the Norm"